In classes we strive to teach Taekwondo in a friendly, fun, high-energy environment for children and adults alike. Through our class dynamics, students enhance their fitness and flexibility levels. Our training program challenges both the beginner and advanced Taekwondo student alike. Students are encouraged to participate in their path of personal growth through physical fitness and traditional martial arts training.

 Student Code of Conduct


We strive to provide a fun and engaging environment where every participant has the opportunity to learn new and exciting skills within a safe and encouraging environment. Students are asked to be respectful to their instructors and fellow students in class and within the lobby area. Students are expected  to  practice good hygiene and wear the school uniform for each class they attend. School T-shirts can be purchased and worn to classes but never to a promotion test.

MAIA Study Guide

Taekwondo has been taught for generations, and, like other martial arts, it is steeped in tradition and principles.  Students are often drawn to the practice not just for the physical skills but for the adherence to the high moral code of conduct the art projects.  At MAIA, we believe it is not enough to simply learn the movements, we ask all our students to conduct themselves in a way that is becoming of a true martial artist both in and out of our dojang.

MAIA Media Library

Use these videos to help prepare for your next belt or kup test, or to brush up on previously-learned skills. Check the back of your previous test certificate or ask Master Lim for an access code.

Belt Promotions

All Belt Promotions are scheduled in advance. Students eligible for a belt promotion will be sent home with a form prior to the exam.  On Test Days regular classes will not be held. Students eligible for testing are expected to arrive on time and in their school uniform. No T-shirts.


Youth Colored Belts: To be eligible for a promotion test students will need to collect tips on their belts to show they have the appropriate skills to move to the next belt. 

Color and Meaning/Skill Acquired for each Tip:

White = Hand Technique

Yellow = Breaking Technique

Orange = Kicking

Green = Discipline

Blue = Self Control

Purple = Focus

Red = Form

Black = Confidence

Teen/Adult Colored Belt: When considering candidacy for a new belt, one should consult with one of the Masters to determine readiness/eligibility.

Black Belt Kups/Rank: When considering candidacy for a new kup or belt, one should consult with Master Lim to determine readiness/eligibility.

MAIA_Private Lesson.jpg_
Private Lessons


Master Lim is always willing to teach students. If you are interested in working with Master Lim outside regularly scheduled class times, please stop by the school and talk with him directly to coordinate sessions.

MAIA - Villanova Road Trip Spring 19
Birthday Celebrations

Looking to break from the traditional birthday party routine? Why not consider celebrating with us? The festivities can be scaled to include a demo class, relay races, demonstration from advanced students and still have time for cake. If interested, please feel free to contact the school for available dates.

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